Gourmet Maine lobster, sourced direct-from-dock, delivered to your door.
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    Jumbo Lobster Tails (8-10 oz.)
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    Lobster Meat
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    Colossal Lobster Tail (16-20 oz.)
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    Lobster Rolls
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    Fresh Lobster Tail Meat
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    Lobster Tails Special
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    Whale of a Tale
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    Captain’s Tails and Turf
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    Boston Lobster Bake
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    Maine Squeeze Lobster Dinner
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    Sweetheart Cove Lobster Dinner for Two
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    Kennebunkport Surf & Turf Dinner
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    Jumbo Tails & Chowder Special
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    Nantucket Lobster Tails and Turf
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    Rockport Romance
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    Live Lobster
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    Fresh Frozen Lobster Tails


Mail Order Lobster, Without Compromise

Ordering lobster online may sound like a risky proposition to some, but your local supermarket can’t beat the quality and freshness of our premium lobsters. Here’s a quick look at how we do things differently.

  • Sustainable direct-to-dock sourcing. We partner with lobstermen who arrive each morning with their fresh catch. These Maine locals are just as committed to sustainable and ethical seafood as we are!
  • Maine lobster exclusively (the best!). Lobster from the cold waters of Maine is the undisputed best in the world. With an ultra butter flavor and tender texture, this is the only lobster we’re in the business of selling.
  • Fresher than your local grocery store. Supermarkets are known to buy “B-Liner” lobsters—that’s industry slang for less-than-premium lobsters. Our lobsters are sourced straight from local lobstermens’ daily catch and shipped overnight for hyper-fresh flavor.

We’ll say it straight: we believe we have the best mail order lobster for delivery, straight from the Maine coasts of New England. 

Mail Order Lobster

Your Next Maine Lobster Delivery Starts Here

We’re not a giant seafood catalog company. We’re a fresh-daily wholesaler. That means we don’t have pages and pages of different seafood—we only offer the freshest and highest-quality lobster and seafood we’d proudly cook up for ourselves.

Let’s get your mouth watering. Here are a few customer favorites:

  • Straight-from-the-sea live lobster. Live and kicking, these beautiful lobsters are caught daily and shipped overnight so you can enjoy them in their prime. These are the exquisite, big-clawed Maine lobsters you’d find in fine-dining establishments that never settle for anything less than the best.
  • Unmistakable cold water lobster claws. Have a hankering for claw meat? We harvest meat-filled claws from hard-shell lobsters, fully cook them, and carefully package for quality-focused transport. These claws just need a gentle steaming.
  • The classic lobster roll. The favorite summertime sandwich of Maine natives, packaged into a quick-ready kit for home. We don’t skimp on the filling either—these lobster rolls are meaty!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! 

Order your premium Maine lobster and get it delivered straight to your door today!

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