Frozen Lobster Meat

Fresh frozen lobster meat, carefully frozen using the High Pressure Process (HPP), the most quality-forward freezing process for lobsters. Savor the sweet taste of Maine without the mess of having to dispatch and cook a whole lobster—without sacrificing quality.
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Frozen Lobster Meat

Frozen Lobster: Maximum Speed, Convenience, and Flavor

Many lobster aficionados will claim that half the pleasure of eating lobster is the process of cooking them whole, cracking open the shell, and picking out the meat. That’s a lot of work—and it’s not always necessary for exceptional lobster!

When you want lobster without the fuss of cooking and cracking the shells, our fresh lobster meat is the best choice. Caught, cooked and shucked locally, our fresh lobster meat is sweet and ready to eat!


Lobster Meat

Why Our Frozen Lobster Meat is Different

There’s a massive spectrum of frozen lobster meat, ranging from mushy or slimy (low-quality) to peak freshness and flavor (high-quality). Obviously, you don’t want to accidentally spend good money on not-so-great lobster and regret it.

That’s why we do things differently here at LobsterAnywhere.

  • North Atlantic Lobsters Only — We don’t buy lower-grade lobsters caught off the coast of California, the Caribbean, or around the world. As born-and-raised lobster fanatics, we stick to the king of the lobster world—the Maine Lobster—for its juicy tenderness, buttery flavor, and dense rich meat.
  • Sustainably Wild-Caught — We partner with local lobstermen who bring in their catch daily and are as passionate about keeping our oceans sustainable and healthy as we are.
  • HPP Frozen, Always — Our frozen lobster meat is frozen using the High Pressure Process (HPP) exclusively. This state-of-the-art, rapid process is the only freezing method that perfectly preserves the lobster’s texture and flavor from when it’s freshly caught. That’s why we call it fresh frozen.

We’re technically a wholesaler, so we have direct access to the freshest, highest-quality, and meatiest lobsters you’ll find anywhere (especially compared to massive seafood catalogs or grocery stores!).

How to Cook Frozen Lobster Tails and Meat

Cooking frozen lobster meat is a breeze compared to whole lobsters. Even as lobster snobs, we totally get that cooking whole lobsters can be a big undertaking—skipping those hard steps makes getting exceptional lobster on the table more accessible. We’re happy about that!

Here’s what we suggest in the way of cooking.

  • First, Thaw It Completely — Lobster meat needs to stay frozen until you’re just about ready to use it. We suggest thawing the night before you want to cook it, or dumping a bag of it in a bowl of cool water an hour or two before you need it. This keeps your lobster from decaying if thawed too early.
  • Claw and Knuckle Meat — This meat collected from the best parts of the lobster comes fresh frozen and dry vacuum packed. To cook it up, simply thaw it and use generously in all kinds of dishes that need lobster meat: lobster rolls, lobster mac and cheese… there are so many great recipes—see more here.
  • Fresh Frozen Tail Meat — Want whole tails separated and ready to go? These bad boys are the best way to get that true lobster dinner feel, since they can be grilled, butter poached, or roasted as if they’re freshly dispatched from a whole lobster! 

For a simple, quick, and uber-delicious lobster dinner, our fresh frozen lobster meat can’t be beat!

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