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Seafood Savvy
4 New England – Approved Surf And Turf Recipes (+ Seafood Buying Tips)
If you want to bring an air of sophistication and celebration to your dinner table without spending hours in the kitchen, a surf and turf dinner ...
Seafood Savvy
Seafood Chowder 101: A Breakdown Of Recipes, Types, And History
Seafood chowder: you might think it a simple, hearty seafood stew — but it’s a little more wacky (and ...
Seafood Savvy
How do Lobsters Grow? All about Lobster Molting 
Lobsters grow by molting. This process entails them struggling out of their old shells while simultaneously absorbing water that expands their ...
Seafood Savvy
Lobster Poisoning: Can Lobster Make you Sick?
We’ve all laughed at those over-the-top scenes in movies. Guy eats bad seafood on a date, all chances of romance get flushed down the ...
Seafood Savvy
How to Cook Lobster In an Air Fryer
What do you get when you combine modern convenience of an air fryer and sweet and succulent lobster? An easy and memorable meal you’ll want ...
Seafood Savvy
Seared Scallops: How to Pan Sear Sea Scallops Like a Pro
There is nothing like the full sensory experience of perfectly seared scallops. Learn step-by-step how to pan sear sea scallops. From the ...
Seafood Savvy
How to Make Bacon Wrapped Scallops: Classic New England Recipe
Smoky bacon combined with sweet, succulent scallops are the duo every seafood lover needs. Bacon wrapped scallops are a perennial favorite ...
Seafood Savvy
How to Make Lobster Sliders: A Winning Recipe
Let’s face it, lobster meat is not cheap, especially if you are entertaining a large, hungry crew. Thankfully we have the lobster slider! ...
Seafood Savvy
How to Make Lobster Paella: A Taste of Spain and Maine
Let LobsterAnywhere transport you to sunny Spain with lobster paella recipe. Skip the hassle of flight delays and long lines at the airport. With ...
Seafood Savvy
How to Microwave Lobster: Yes it really works in a pinch!
Cooking lobster at home can seem like a daunting task, but it's really very simple with LobsterAnywhere! Using literally the most basic appliance ...
Seafood Savvy
How to Boil Lobster: Get into Some Hot Water!
Learn how to boil lobster like the pro's with LobsterAnywhere!
Seafood Savvy
How to Steam Lobster: Full Steam Ahead!
LobsterAnywhere is here to help you with all of your lobster steaming needs. Everything you need to know is just a click away before you get to ...
Seafood Savvy
How to Bake Lobster: The Ultimate Sheet Pan Dinner
That box marked live lobster has arrived on your doorstep, and the anticipation is real. You open the box having visions of cracking claws and ...
Holidays & Celebrations
Fourth of July Lobster: Declare Your Independence from Hot Dogs
Order lobsters this July 4th and CELEBRATE your independence from hot dogs! While burgers and hotdogs are some Independence Day classics, seafood ...

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