Fourth of July Lobster: Declare Your Independence from Hot Dogs

Order lobsters this July 4th and CELEBRATE your independence from hot dogs! While burgers and hotdogs are some Independence Day classics, seafood has long been a classic and patriotic choice to mark the birthday of our nation with. There is nothing like Fourth of July that makes us want to get outside and celebrate with a bounty of food. This 4th of July, heat up the grill for some great seafood.

Grill fresh lobster tails
Grill fresh lobster tails this Independence Day

Whether you’re looking for ideas on what to cook this July Fourth or want to incorporate lobster and seafood into your event, LobsterAnywhere has you covered. We don’t just ship the freshest lobster and seafood dock to door, we give you tips and tricks on how to prepare it.

What is the Fourth of July

Every year we Americans gather with friends and family on July Fourth to celebrate the independence of our nation. The Fourth of July is the day we take time acknowledge the Second Continental Congress declaring the original thirteen American colonies no longer subject to or subordinate to the monarch of Britain, King George III.

While the fourth is the day we celebrate, July 2 was the day the Congress actually voted to declare our independence from Britain. Every state and region celebrates Independence Day a little differently, but there are common themes that connect us all in the joyous commemoration of our freedom.

  • Fireworks – Perhaps this dates back to the original 13 gun salute of 1777 when Rhode Island marked the first year of the United States of America’s independence.
  • Red, White, and Blue – From houses draped in flags and banners swaying in the breeze, to colorful cocktails to toast to freedom, Americans love to honor the colors of our nation’s flag in a multitude of ways.
  • Barbecues/Picnics – This summertime holiday has people flocking outside to enjoy family, friends, and a plethora of food. From backyards and parks to our nation’s beaches, this day is ideal for enjoying the sunshine and nature. Just make sure the beer is cold!
  • Parades – Just like the first 13 gun salute was held on July 4, 1777, the first parade occurred the same year beginning the beloved tradition drawing young and old to line America’s Main Streets, waving flags and cheering.
  • Patriotic concerts – There’s nothing like a rousing rendition of John Phillip Sousa’s Stars and Stripes Forever to express our love of country through music. Whether it’s the soundtrack for the illuminating display of pyrotechnics or a military band part of a parade, you can experience patriotic concerts all across the nation.

The Fourth of July and fire have always gone hand in hand, starting back from the very beginning. The night before the Fourth, towns in New England would compete against each other in building towering bonfires. While we might skip the 40-tier bonfire in exchange for the grill, grilling on the Fourth of July is as patriotic as lighting up the sky in a mass of pyrotechnics.

Lobster, shrimp, and scallops are ideal choices for grilling. Their lean meat cooks quickly going from grill to plate in minutes. In addition, the high heat intensifies their naturally sweet flavors. Live lobster and lobster tails are both excellent grilling options. Our Maine Grade A hard-shell lobsters don’t require much to shine. Our colossal shrimp are the ideal size to take on the high heat of grilling while remaining tender and sweet.

If you’re looking to really wow your family and friends on this Fourth of July nothing is more spectacular than grilled surf and turf. We can help curate your backyard bash with our Captain’s Tails and Turf dinner or Poseidon’s Catch. All you have to do is fire up the grill and keep the beers iced!

Lobster Tails + Grill = July 4th

Celebrate the land of the free and the home of butter dunked lobster tails this July 4th!

Our cold-water, flash-frozen, wild-caught lobster tails are simply the best in the world. They are harvested from fisheries under rigorous sustainability regulations so you know your children, your grand children, and their children will be able to enjoy this extraordinary food.

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    Grill Ready Lobster Tails
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The Fourth of July is the unofficial grilling holiday and Grill Ready lobster tails are the perfect thing to add to your grill grates this weekend!

Tails are fresh frozen, cut, cracked, cleaned, and butterfly prepared. No Prep work required. Easy release—the meat peels easily from shell after grilling. 

Start the weekend  off with a bang with  our hard to find C O L O S S A L  Lobster Tails.  Make room on the grill!!

Tails are weighing in at 20 delicious ounces each!

Grilling lobster seafood July 4th
4th of July Seafood Grill featuring grilled shrimp, lobster tails, and lobster claws.

Whether you want to know how to smoke lobster tails like a pro or the low down on grilling shrimp, we also have you covered on recipes and ideas to give you the confidence to pick up the tongs and cook lobsters like a master chef, including how to grill live lobster.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Lobster Rolls

Who’s rollin’ on July 4th? Joey Chestnut might stuff his buns with hotdogs, but here we like to pile the brioche buns high with tender lobster meat. You know it is summah ovah here in Maine, with our hand picked lobster meat: combination of Tail, Claw and Knuckle meat. Lobster rolls are a universal sign of summer. Whether you’re looking for the perfect picnic dish or want to treat your friends and family to something memorable, our lobster roll kits make it easy.

Order lobster rolls July 4th
Celebrate July 4th with an overstuffed lobster roll

Packed with enough tail, claw, and knuckle meat to make 8 rolls, we also send those buttery brioche buns. And you can’t forget the butter. There is nothing like Maine lobster that has been gently poached in Maine salted butter. That’s included too!

How you decide to prepare your lobster rolls is completely up to you. From the butter poached Connecticut style to the Maine style lobster roll delicately hugged in a kiss of mayonnaise, you can be confident in serving your guest filler free lobster rolls.

Seafood Boil

Get out your lobster bibs and crackers! Nothing brings people together like a steaming pot bursting with the bounty of the sea. Whether your friends and family are gathering at the beach to toast to our nation’s birthday or flocking to backyards and parks, seafood boils are a fun and festive way to turn the day into a true event.

Seafood boils are an interactive and communal feast for the senses. In addition to drawing people to the pot, there’s nothing more fun than watching the feast spill out onto the table. Stuff your lobster boil with live lobsters, shrimp, and/or lobster tails. Add corn and potatoes if you like, or sausage for a little kick. Clams and mussels also make a fun addition.

How to Host a Fourth of July Celebration

LobsterAnywhere makes it easy to make seafood center stage in your Independence Day parties and festivities. It is a good weekend to celebrate with fresh, gourmet North Atlantic seafood.

With a little planning, making seafood and LobsterAnywhere the center of your holiday is fun and effortless!

  1. Head Count

    Plan ahead how many friends and family you plan on inviting to your Fourth of July party. This will make it easy to order not just your seafood, but also beverages, tableware, and plan for seating.

  2. Menu

    Decide on what your menu will be and how you want to incorporate seafood into your Fourth of July festivities. If you are hosting a backyard barbecue, our Grill Ready Lobster Tails are perfectly suited for that date with fire. Colossal shrimp and dry pack dayboat scallops are also ideal grilling options.

    Our lobster roll kits come with everything you need to create eight decadent lobster rolls. Nothing says all out celebration like live Maine lobster delivered directly to your door. Let us put the red in your red, white, and blue as these succulent treats of the sea steam up to their beautiful lobster crimson.

  3. Ordering

    When it comes time to place your order with LobsterAnywhere, we always encourage you to order in advance. When you order your live lobsters, you can schedule the day they are delivered and they should be cooked within 24 hours.

    All of our other items you can keep frozen. Allow for 24 or overnight for defrosting in the refrigerator. This makes it easy to order early and be prepared for the big day!

  4. Decorations

    Incorporating seafood into your Fourth of July celebration lends itself to easy decorating ideas. Throwing in nautical accents makes it fun and easy to incorporate red, white, and blue into your decor. From red and white gingham napkins to blue and white nautical flags, let the food be your inspiration!

  5. Red, White, and Boom

    Have a game plan on the Fourth of July. Know what time you are going to start cooking so you can have food ready to serve. Now that we’ve shared our party secrets, the guest list and decorations are on you! Don’t forget to enjoy the moment and have fun!

New England July Fourth Traditions

Samuel Adams, John Adams, John Hancock…with so many of our founding fathers whose signatures grace the Declaration of Independence coming from New England, it’s not hard to understand the unique traditions intrinsic to this area of our nation. Even something as iconic as those Fourth of July fireworks can be traced back to New England.

While Boston was the first municipality to designate the Fourth of July as a holiday, they were also the first ones to illuminate up the sky. July 4, 1777 Col. Crafts lit up the sky with artillery shells and a number of fireworks. In 1929, the Boston Pops performed the 1812 overture and to this day continues to perform every July 4 making Boston’s Independence Day celebration one of the most well attended and beloved in the country.

Boston might celebrate in a big way. However Bar Harbor, Maine has its own uniquely New England traditions. From July 1-5 the local YMCA hosts a lobster scavenger hunt. Participants can hunt for lobsters throughout the downtown village. In the past they even hosted lobster races.

Are you looking for an easy and delicious way to incorporate a little New England Fourth of July tradition into your day? Add whoopie pies to your order. This official state treat of Maine is the perfect confection to cap off your seafood feast. This handheld sweet treat is the part of many New England dessert tables on Independence Day.

Celebrating with LobsterAnywhere

LobsterAnywhere makes it easy to include lobster and seafood in all of your celebrations. From Fourth of July to birthdays and anniversaries, we make it effortless and delicious. When you start with LobsterAnywhere, you get the best seafood there is. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate lobster roll kit or the feistiest live lobster, we have you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fourth of July?

The Fourth of July, or Independence Day, is the day the Second Continental Congress declared the original 13 American colonies no longer subject to the rule of Britian.

How to Americans celebrate the Fourth of July?

There are a wide variety of ways Americans celebrate. Fireworks, parades, and barbecues are among some of the popular traditions.

What type of food should I serve for the Fourth of July?

Lobster rolls, grilled lobster tails, and whole cooked lobsters are all delicious options.

What is the official state treat of Maine?

The official state treat of Maine is the whoopie pie.

What are some New England Fourth of July Traditions?

Bar Harbor, MA holds a lobster scavenger hunt. The Boston Pops have been holding a concert annually since 1929.

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