Lobster Tails

Savor monster lobster tails sourced exclusively from hard-shell, cold-water Maine lobsters. Succulent and buttery, these Atlantic lobsters are at the apex of lobster flavor and tenderness.
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Lobster Tails

We Do Fresh Lobster Tails Differently

No tails compare to cold-water Maine lobster tails direct from the icy waters of the North Atlantic—and nobody sources premium lobster like we do. Here’s how we’re different:

  • North Atlantic Exclusive — Our tails are harvested only from hard-shell lobsters caught off the Eastern coasts, ensuring that each tail is full of sweet, tender meat. These are the kings of lobster-kind, and they taste like it too.
  • Sustainably Sourced — We bring in lobsters every morning directly from local lobstermen who are as passionate about sustainable seafood as we are.
  • FREE Overnight Shipping — Arrives the next day to preserve freshness and flavor for many dishes and items. Look for the Free Shipping banner.

As a wholesaler, our lobsters are fresher, higher-quality, and more carefully sourced than anything you’ll find from a massive seafood catalog or grocery store.

Shipping lobster tails for a Summer Party? It’s always a good idea to take delivery ASAP (Tails ship frozen you know!)

Monster tails 20-24 oz each

Why Are Our Lobster Tails More Expensive?

Cheap lobster tails often appear too good to be true. They are. There are two reasons why—and we suggest you avoid them if you want the full lobster experience.

  • Avoid Warm-Water Lobsters — Rock lobsters caught off the coasts of California and Florida often have a seafood taste and lack the fresh juicy flavor of Atlantic lobsters. 
  • Avoid Batch-Frozen Tails — Tails frozen using older, more economical methods will dry out or shrink in the cooking process. If you can’t tell how a tail is frozen (look for CHC!), we suggest skipping it.

As native Mainers and avid lobstermen, we’re not about sub-par lobster. For us, it’s authentic cold-water tails, carefully harvested and frozen, or bust.

A Quick Lobster Tail Overview

Lobster tails come from all over the world—Brazil, Florida, South Africa, Maine, Canada—with varying degrees of quality. Cold-water tails (those found around New England and Canada) are the top-tier of the bunch on every level.

Our hand-selected, hard-shell lobster tails delivered right to your doorstep. Easy to cook on the grill. Unforgettably delicious on your table.

What Frozen Lobster Tails Do We Sell?

Whether you are looking for a whale of a tail, frozen lobster tails, fresh shucked lobster tails, or BBQ lobster tails for the grill—we have you covered. 

Looking for huge lobster tails? We have got some real beauties. Check out our 16-20 oz. colossal lobster tails

Looking for live Maine lobsters? See our complete lobster menu and order Maine lobsters shipped overnight by the pound. We also have special lobster gifts and lobster dinner packages available with FREE next day shipping.

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